Appendix R: Potential Options & Pathways

4th Year Students & Graduates without a Residency


  • To be eligible for these options, you must not have secured any postgraduate medical training (including internship training outside the US).
  • You must have met ALL graduation requirements (including completing the 80-week clinical curriculum and pass all required NBME examinations) to be eligible to participate in any of these options!
  • If you previously participated in an Option that required you to delay your graduation (e.g., ECP, MScBR), you cannot delay your graduation a second time. 
  • When reviewing the Options and Pathways, keep in mind there may be additional guidelines for openings and dates for a particular Program.
  • All participants must maintain medical insurance coverage.

The following is a brief description of some potential pathways you can follow to improve your chances of matching in next years match. Please note that all Options and Pathways are covered by webinars conducted by the Office of Career Guidance (OCG). Application and corresponding materials will be distributed by OCG. If you have any questions, please reach out to OCG at

  1. Extended Clinical Program (ECP):  Participating in the ECP is a chance to complete audition electives in the US to gain additional LoR’s and face time with attendings and program directors.  To assist you in pursuing these additional electives, SGU will allow up to eight weeks of rotations at affiliated hospitals in the US tuition free.  Students who are US citizens or USPR may also opt to do rotations at non-affiliated hospitals but would be responsible for any fees. Students must graduate by the next main diploma granting date. For example, a student participating in the ECP who was to graduate in June must now graduate by the following January.  In pursuing this option, you will maintain your status as a medical student and ability to complete audition clerkships while you prepare for next years Match.  The only charge for participation is the medical student malpractice insurance premium, currently $357 for any four months of additional rotations. The participation for the ECP may be limited to certain months and certain affiliated hospitals.
  2. Master of Science in Biomedical Research (MSc. BR)*:  This is a dual degree MD/MSc. BR program that enables students to complete research in a clinical setting and retain their status as medical students.  While tuition is free, students will be responsible for malpractice insurance as in the ECP.
  3. Master of Public Health (MPH):  SGU’s MPH is accredited by the US accrediting authority, CEPH, and will enhance the MD degree by giving you a credential in public health, which is much needed in the healthcare systems today.   This is a one-year online program.  Tuition is waived for graduates who failed to match.
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Multi-Sector Health Management:  This is a one-year, online masters program with cohort group classes includes two in-person weeks in Grenada – one at the beginning and one near the end.  While tuition is waived for unmatched graduates, students will be responsible for books, certain fees and travel to Grenada.  The MBA is not accredited at this time in the US.
  5. SGU Research Fellowship Program in Grenada:  This unique, one-year research opportunity provides graduates the opportunity to focus on research with the Medical Student Research Institute (MSRI), as well as, teach components of the basic science program.  The University awards a monthly stipend for this program and testimonials from graduates who participated in this option can be found here.
  6. Research Programs through our Affiliates:  Occasionally, we may be made aware of research opportunities at one of our network of hospital affiliates.  If you have received your MD degree and are interested in pursuing a path in research, we can provide you information on any opportunities we learn about.
  7. Self -Directed Strategies:  We encourage all students and graduates to utilize their personal network of relationships to help strengthen and further their careers.  Many of the above options, as well as others, may be available through your personal network.  If you choose to pursue a pathway outside of SGU, please let us know and we will continue to provide any support and career guidance required.