Department of Educational Services

Sara Rabie, PhD

Chair of Department of Educational Services

Director of Student Support and Development

St. George’s University’s dedicated Department of Educational Services (DES) teaches students how to learn and teachers how to teach. This unique and highly effective faculty is the largest on campus, and is an important component of our student and graduates success. Close to 100 percent of the University’s students and many of the professors in all schools avail themselves of the support offered through a variety of innovative programs, including time management, note-taking skills, and utilizing technology effectively in teaching and learning.

DES provides academic support services in Grenada through a variety of programs, courses, and workshops focused on student and faculty skills development. These services include the Academic Enhancement Program, a proactive retention initiative; the Specialized English Language Program (SELP) offering classes and workshops, as well as individualized programs with training in reading efficiency and comprehension, writing, oral communication, pronunciation, and grammatical accuracy; and the Faculty Development Program, which offers seminars and workshops in concepts, methods, and techniques of education. DES works closely with the Dean of Basic Sciences on faculty development, and with the Dean of Students on student academic progress.