The Three Pillars

i. Honor Code: All New students are asked to sign an Honor Code upon admission to the University (this includes part-time students as well). Integral to the Honor Code is a promise by the students that they will not engage in any act of plagiarism.

ii. Avoidance: Students will be taught correct citation in all ENGL Prefix courses, as well as in the course, ‘Introduction to University Life’. These classes will emphasize the following procedures:

  • Quotations must be placed properly within quotation marks and must be cited fully
  • All paraphrased material must be acknowledged completely
  • In instances where ideas or facts are derived from students’ reading and research, or from students’ own writings, the sources must be clearly indicated. The responsibility for learning the proper forms of citation lies with the student. Styles of writing are department-specific and will be covered by faculty in respective departments.

iii. Detection: School of Arts and Sciences faculty members utilize a number of methods of ensuring that materials submitted are not plagiarized. These include the use of search engines, websites and software dedicated to identifying plagiarized work. Faculty members also act as blind markers and second markers for colleagues.