Full Time Student Status

A full-time undergraduate student is one who is registered for a minimum of 12 credits in the current semester.

Students who were registered for the previous two semesters as full-time students, but have not successfully completed 24 credits in the previous 12 months are not eligible to:

  1. Participate in recognized student activities, including University-sponsored athletics.
  2. Hold office in recognized student organizations.
  3. Work in student employment.

The Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences may waive any or all of these conditions if a student’s failure to complete the 24 credits in the previous 12 months was due to extenuating circumstances, such as medical conditions, family emergencies, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control. The Dean’s waiver is to be accompanied by a written agreement between the student and the Dean outlining the course of action to be taken by the student to remedy the deficiency.

The Dean shall review the student’s progress with his/her Department Chair and may also consult with other appropriate persons. The Dean shall communicate the resulting decision to the student in writing.