PUBH 839: Principles of Health Care Management

This course focuses on the principles, approaches, and applications involved in health care management. It looks at organizational structure and design and covers the organizational challenges of managing the complexity and particularities of healthcare. A theoretical overview of organizational, management and motivational theories will be applied to the setting of community health care services and hospitals. It allows students to apply a systems approach to solve difficult and complex issues in health care management, with a view to bring about change. Emphasis on organizational theories will offer the students different alternatives for efficient organization of health care services. A n overview of different management styles to obtain the necessary capacities in leadership and motivation of the health care team will be offered so that the students can adopt their own style. The major management challenges for health care organization will be discussed: quality improvement; financial management; human resource management and training; strategic planning and marketing; information technologies; and ethics. PHCM gives students an overview of the particularities and challenges in managing health care services and health care teams.