Graduation Requirements

The Graduation Assessment Board (GAB), comprising of School of Medicine Faculty, reviews and approves those students for graduation who have completed the curriculum and met all program requirements. To be eligible for graduation, a student must satisfactorily complete 80 weeks of clinical training after the successful completion of the 77 weeks of Basic Sciences. Based on assessments throughout the Four-Year MD Program, the School of Medicine graduates those students that have developed the competencies articulated in the MD Program Objectives.

The Graduation Assessment Board (GAB) has the final authority to approve students for graduation. To be eligible for graduation a student must satisfactorily complete 80 weeks of clinical training, pass all clerkships and electives and all components of every clinical evaluation as well as the 6 required NBME clinical subject examinations. SGUSOM graduates those students that have successfully met SOM progress, promotion, and graduation standards; thereby achieving the MD program objectives and developing the competencies necessary to engage in the practice of medicine.

In order to qualify for graduation from the MD Program, all candidates must have achieved the following:

  • Satisfactory completion of all Basic Sciences requirements of the MD Program and all requirements to enter the first year of Clinical Studies
  • Successfully complete 80 weeks of clinical studies:
    • 42 weeks of core clerkship requirements (twelve weeks of Internal Medicine, twelve weeks of Surgery and six weeks each of Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and Psychiatry)
    • 6 weeks of Family Medicine (if scheduled in Year 3*) or 4 weeks of Family Medicine (if scheduled in Year 4)
    • 38 weeks of elective rotations (*less 6 weeks if Family Medicine was completed in Year 3) completed in Year 4. (four weeks of Family Medicine if not done in the 3rd year, four weeks of a sub-internship in any core specialty, four weeks of a medicine elective and 22-24 weeks of electives of student choice.
  • Complete additional training and assessment for any failing grade in a course or for any failed component of a clinical rotation (including retaking and passing the NBME exam of a failed clerkship knowledge component.)
  • Pass all core clerkship NBME clinical subject exams.
  • Pain Management Module
  • Communication Skills Modules
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Pursue the study of medicine for at least three years at St. George‚Äôs University School of Medicine.
  • Maintain acceptable professional behavior and standards.
  • Be discharged of all indebtedness to the University.
  • Comply with the requirements for admission.
  • Be approved for graduation by the Graduate Assessment Board.