GENL 105: Intro to University Life

Class Program

The information provided in this course is vital to student success at St. George’s University. The course will be delivered through interactive information sessions run by various departments of the University. Information presented in these sessions is particularly geared toward helping freshman students to adjust to, and succeed in, a university setting. Attendance is compulsory. Absenteeism will be recorded. Instructors will expect students to have the knowledge outlined in these sessions and will grade accordingly.

GENL 302: Community Service I

Class Program

Community service is intended to help with the orientation of the student in the community, and the application of some of the educational and life skills learnt by the student to a particular community setting. It also provides an opportunity for the student, whether as an individual or member of a group, to develop leadership skills, initiative and a sense of individual and collective responsibility. Of paramount importance is helping the student to appreciate his/her place in the community, and fostering a spirit of giving to the community in which the student is pursuing his or her formal education.

GENL 400: Professional Development

Class Program
Credits 1

Days and Times:

Mondays 2:30 p.m. – 3:20p.m


Senior Standing