Enrollment Requirements

SGU students in the Foundation to Veterinary Medicine Program are not permitted to drop or add courses. The average student academic load is 17 credit hours for the one-term program.

Foundation to Veterinary Medicine students are expected to maintain a full-time schedule for the term. The program’s curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into the School of Veterinary Medicine. As a consequence, FTV students must attempt this curriculum as prescribed, and are expected to maintain a full-time schedule.

A Leave of Absence (LOA) is not permitted in the  FTV Program. If a student must leave, for whatever reason, he or she will only have the option to withdraw. In this case, the University will refund the student’s tuition.

In the event of a serious health related or personal issue that impacted a student’s ability to study and focus on his/her curriculum, the Director of the Foundation to Veterinary Medicine Program, in conjunction with the Dean of Students, may request that the student be readmitted.