EDUC 813: Reflective Practice & Practicum

In this course students will study how the development of teaching is closely associated with both metacognitive self-evaluation and critical reflection of the literature of teaching/learning (both generally and i n their respective subjects). Reflective practice is a process of continual experiential learning (Schon, D. 1983. The Reflective Practitioner. Basic Books). I n this course students will learn to engage in critical self-evaluation while responding appropriately to peer/student evaluations and taking into consideration practical theory.

Students who register for this course may be exempted from the practicum section if they have:

  • A current teaching responsibility which lasts for the duration of the course, and/or
  • Substantial prior teaching experience on which to reflect.
  • Create, explain, and justify a plan for h ow they might improve their practice. Students are responsible for securing their own practicum, but faculty will do what they ca n to help. The practicum may be completed through lecturing, teaching, and/or s mall group facilitation (such as D ES Groups). Unless the student i s exempted, the practicum will be undertaken concurrently with the course.