Learning Environment Policy

In the SOM program at SGU, students learn in a variety of social, didactic, small-group, and clinical settings. The learning environment, which includes the physical, social, psychological, and cultural environment surrounding learning, is a core component of students’ educational experiences. The learning environment has an important influence on the effectiveness of SGU’s medical program and as such, SGU values a positive learning environment and works to identify, prevent, and remove negative influences on the learning environment. SGU does not tolerate student mistreatment, retaliation, or other negative behaviors that are prohibited in other policies (such as discrimination). 

The learning environment is assessed and monitored by SGU’s Learning Environment Committee (LEC). The LEC reviews anonymous, aggregate-level data on the learning environment obtained from student surveys and other sources (e.g., summative reports from Judicial Affairs) and makes recommendations to mitigate negative influences and enhance positive influences on the learning environment. The LEC reports its findings and recommendations to the Dean of the School of Medicine and shares a report of its activities with the Curriculum Committee on an annual basis.