Academic Enhancement Program

AEP Leadership
  • Sara Rabie, Ph.D.
    • Chair, Department of Educational Services (
  • Allana Roach, Ph.D.
    • Director, Academic Student Success Initiatives, Supports and Training Division (
  • Asha Lessey-Charles, M.Ed., MBA, B.Sc.
    • Assistant Director, Academic Support Administration and Innovation (
  • Ms. Davette St. Louis, B.Sc.
    • Coordinator, SOM Peer Learning Groups (

NOTE:  For All communication regarding AEP, please use (  

General Information

Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you to the St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGUSOM). Medical school is a fast-paced learning environment, that can be a challenging yet transformative experience. Successful learners in this context are self-directed, organized, adaptable and resilient. 

To facilitate your success while at SGU, you have been selected by our Committee on Admission to enter the Academic Enhancement Program (AEP). Administered through the Department of Educational Services (DES), the AEP is designed to provide real-time support when you need it the most. As part of the AEP, you are assigned an AEP Faculty Advisor, an AEP Cohort and are required to attend select study skills workshops. 

Your AEP Cohort is a closed AEP Peer Learning Group facilitated by one or two upper-class students (your AEP Cohort Leaders). These students will serve as your mentors for the term. We also hope that your AEP cohort will help provide you with a sense of community, a nexus where you can build connections, and maybe find a study buddy. During Orientation, you will receive an email with your assigned Faculty Advisor and AEP Cohort details. To learn more about your AEP Requirements, we invite you to review the attached document (AEP requirements).

List of Requirements

During the Spring 2022 semester, you are required to:

  • Meet with your AEP Faculty Advisor (at least 1 meeting before your first exam and 1 email check-in)
  • Attend all 11 mandatory AEP Peer Learning Group sessions 
  • Attend minimum 10 Open Peer Learning Group sessions 
  • Attend minimum 3 DES Learning Strategies workshops (live or recorded)
  • Complete three (3) student support questionnaires (Initial Self-Reflection, BPM1 Post-Exam 2 Reflections Survey and AEP End-of Term Reflection)
  • Respond to correspondence from the ASAI and your Faculty Advisor in a timely manner.

This document contains additional details about each of these requirements.  

AEP Faculty Advisor

Your AEP Faculty Advisor is available to provide you with academic and non-academic support. We strongly suggest that you stay connected with your AEP Faculty Advisor. You are required to meet with your AEP Faculty Advisor at least once during the term. We recommend that you attend your initial meeting before Exam 1; however, you are encouraged to check in with your advisor through a virtual meeting or by email at least one (1) other time during the term. Meetings will be hosted on Zoom or in person. Details about your Faculty Advisor will be emailed to you, including how to schedule an appointment. 

Peer Learning Groups

A Peer Learning Group (PLG) is a small group study session, facilitated by upper-term students who have done well in the coursework and serves as a low stakes environment for you to practice application of the content covered in the previous week. These small group study sessions provide you with a safe space for learning, can help you develop key study skills needed to assess and build understanding of the content covered in classes, for example by doing MCQs. PLGs are also less formal, shared learning communities, that provide an opportunity to build connections with your peers. Sessions are monitored for quality assurance purposes and we welcome your feedback regarding the sessions you attend.  Session facilitators and participants all have an impact on the value of sessions.  

We offer two types of PLGs to support you: 

a) AEP Peer Learning Groups (AEP PLG):

Access to AEP Closed PLGs is restricted to AEP students. Beginning January 19th or 20th, you and your AEP cohort members must attend your required AEP PLGS. You will meet with your cohort (i.e., the same group, same facilitators), at the same time each week unless otherwise specified. For online students, these sessions are held online via Zoom. For on-campus students, these sessions are held in Andrew Belford Hall, Level 3 (west and middle). At each session, please ensure that you scan the QR Code or use the Insight link provided by the facilitators to record your attendance (or you will be marked as absent).  

b) OPEN Peer Learning Groups (OPLGs):

Each week upper term students offer a range of PLGs focused on different important content from the previous week. You can RSVP and attend the sessions of your choice. It is recommended that you aim to attend at least one per week. You are required to attend at minimum Ten (10) OPLGs during the semester. The first Term 1 OPLG will be held during the week of January 25th. At each session, please ensure that you scan the QR Code or use the Insight link provided by the facilitators to record your attendance (or you will be marked as absent). The invitation to sign up for OPLGs goes out every Friday by via email, with the Signup Genius link so that you can RSVP for the sessions of your choice. Once the OPLGs begin, you can view the list of available sessions and RSVP using Signup Genius.

DES Learning Strategies Workshops

Our Learning Strategies Unit offers workshops to help you become effective, self-regulated learners. These workshops provide an opportunity to enhance your strategies for knowledge acquisition, integration, and application; develop your interpersonal skills; and build your practical competence. All of our workshops are highly recommended; however, you are required to attend at least 3. You will be alerted of upcoming workshops by email, and you can decide which sessions to attend; the workshop schedule will also be posted on the AEP Sakai site. We highly recommend that you attend the live workshops, however, this term you will receive credit for attending a workshop whether live or recorded, as long you watch the 85% or more of the recording within the same week that the workshop is originally offered. We can determine whether you have watched the recording, therefore, you are not required to alert us by email for your participation to be credited.

SOM Academic Enhancement Program - Spring 2022 SAKAI Site

You will be given access to a Sakai course dedicated for AEP students, which supports collaboration, team building, help-seeking and self-monitoring. Prior to the start of orientation, you will be assigned to your small group cohort in Sakai and sent a notification so you can begin connecting with your facilitators and cohort mates. We hope that you are excited to meet your team!

AEP Peer Learning Group Attendance Schedule

Spring 2022 Attendance Schedule

AEP Peer Learning Groups and Open Peer Learning Groups

SOM Term 1 Week

AEP PLG Session Day (varies by cohort). All sessions are mandatory

Open Peer Learning Groups

(Minimum 10 required)

DES Workshops

(Minimum 3 required)

Week 1 (Jan 17 - 23)

Jan 19th or 20th  

By the end of week 4 – 2 OPLGs required overall

Attend your 1st DES Workshop by


Week 2 (Jan 24 - 30)

Jan 26th or 27th 


February 15th

Week 3 (Jan 31 – Feb 6)  

Feb 2nd or 3rd 

Week 4 (Feb 7 - 13)

*Exam 1 (Tues. Feb 8th)  


Week 5 (Feb 14 - 20)

Feb 16th or 17th 

By the end of week 6 –

4 OPLGs required overall


Week 6 (Feb 21 - 27) 

Feb 23rd or 24th 

Week 7 (Feb 28 – Mar 6)  *Exam 2 (Tues. Mar 1st)


By the end of week 9 –

7 OPLGs required overall

Attend your 2nd DES

Workshop by March



Week 8 (Mar 7 - 13)

Mar 9th or 10th 

Week 9 (Mar 14 - 20) 

Mar 16th or 17th 

Week 10 (Mar 21 - 27)

*Exam 3 (Mon. Mar 28th)


By the end of week 13 – All 10 OPLGs required  


Attend your 3rd DES

Workshop by April


Week 11 (Mar 28 – Apr 3)

Mar 30th or 31st 



Week 12 (Apr 4 - 10)

Apr 6th or 7th 



Week 13 (Apr 11 - 17) 

Apr 13th or 14th 

Week 14 (Apr 18 - 24) 

*Exam 4 (Wed. Apr 20th)




Week 15 (Apr 25 – May 1)

Apr 27th or 28th (Optional) 

Week 16 (May 2 - 8) 

May 4th or 5th (Final Session)

Week 17 (May 9 - 15) 

*Exam 5 (Mon. May 16th)


SOM Term 1 Exam Dates:

  • Exam 1 (Tues. Feb 8th)  
  • Exam 2 (Tues. Mar 1st)
  • Exam 3 (Mon. Mar 28th)
  • Exam 4 (Wed. Apr 20th)
  • Exam 5 (Mon. May 16th)  



If you did not do well on any exam, you may be invited to a meeting with the School of Medicine advisory team from the Office of Academic Advising Development and Support (AADS). Those meetings are mandatory and separate from AEP.  Regardless of your performance, we encourage you to follow up with your Faculty Advisor or make an appointment to meet with a Learning Strategist, to identify ways to enhance your efficiency, performance or well-being.


Help us stay informed about you and your experience in the AEP. 


You will need to complete the following surveys/questionnaires (compliance is recorded):  1. Initial Self-Reflection, 2. BPM1 Post-Exam 2 Reflections Survey and 3. AEP End-of Term Reflection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change my AEP Peer Learning Group? Yes

If you have a problem with your group for any reason, please let us know. We will either solve the problem or move you to another AEP cohort.

Can I attend a different cohort’s AEP Peer Learning Group? No. However, you can attend additional Open Peer Learning  Groups.

What do I do if I miss my AEP Peer Learning Group? 

Attending your AEP Peer Learning Group is the most important AEP requirement. Not attending it without a legitimate excuse is seen as non-compliance. In the rare case that you cannot attend your AEP group; E-mail your facilitator and Mrs. Lessey-Charles, the Assistant Director, ASAI ( to explain your absence. Attend an additional Open Peer Learning Group in the same week to make up for the missed session.

What is the difference between AEP Peer Learning Groups and Open Peer Learning Groups?

The AEP Peer Learning Groups and Open Peer Learning Groups are very similar in terms of goals and format. The main difference is that the AEP Peer Learning Group is a closed group that is led by your AEP cohort leaders and only your AEP cohort members attend. This means you have a consistent learning community that meets each week, and it also allows for a closer ongoing relationship between the facilitators and the participants. Open Peer Learning Groups are accessible to all students and the participants are likely to be different each week; however, sign up is required before hand. 

How many Peer Learning Groups can I attend each week? 

Up to four (4) Open Peer Learning Groups. Attending too many groups can negatively impact your learning. You need time to study on your own as well.

When will I attend my first Open Peer Learning Group? The week of January 25th.

Where are the AEP & Open Peer Learning Groups held? 

AEP and Open Peer Learning Groups are held Tuesday to Friday and Sunday. During orientation, you will be informed of the selected locations. Any change will be communicated to you via email. 

How many AEP Peer Learning Group sessions I can miss? NONE, attending these sessions is mandatory.

What do I do if group learning is not for me? 

Participating in AEP is a condition of your acceptance into SGU. While we understand that working with a group can (at times) pose a challenge, learning how to navigate complex team dynamics and building communication skills are critical skills in medicine. Do not simply stop attending group, connect with Ms. Asha Lessey-Charles ( if you experience difficulty.

School of Veterinary Medicine Master Syllabus — Info for All Sections

ExamSoft Policy

All students are responsible for knowing and complying with the University’s  Code of Conduct and the guidelines. Students must read and then sign the Honor Code statement at the start of examinations to indicate that they will comply with the University Code of Conduct. 


Prior to Exam Day

  1. Each student is required to have a laptop for the purpose of taking computer-based examinations (e-Exams) at SGU. Students must ensure that their laptops meet the current minimum system requirements prior to exam day:
  2. Examinees must use their MY SGU Member Center username and password to access the Custom Home Page ( created by ExamSoft for the University.
  3. Examinees are responsible for downloading and registering the latest version of Examplify on their laptop prior to exam day. Once Examplify has been successfully downloaded, examinees are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the software by downloading and taking practice exams.
  4. Examinees are responsible for setting their laptop up for ExamMonitor prior to the exam (see links below).
  5. Examinees will be notified via MyCourses, of all exam related information. Email notifications will also be sent from ExamSoft Support to examinees, notifying them of examinations available for downloading.
  6. Examinees experiencing difficulties with their laptop are encouraged to visit the IT department for assistance prior to exam day. Examinees needing a laptop must visit the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) to request an exam loaner.
  7. Examinees should visit the following information to familiarize themselves with the online proctored exam format and set up their baseline photo.

Copyright Policy

The materials (such as slides, handouts and audio/video recordings) provided to students who are taking courses at St. George’s University (SGU) are the intellectual property of the Faculty and/or Administration of SGU. Students are free to use these materials solely for the purpose of group or individual study. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited.