CHEM 222/CHEM 223: Organic Chemistry I/Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

Class Program
Credits 4

This course, Organic Chemistry I, is the first semester one in a one-year course in Organic Chemistry for Pre-Clin, Pre-Vet and Biology students. It includes: the nomenclature and classification of organic molecules; the structure and reactivity of the hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes, alkynes), alkyl halides and alcohols; the study of substitution and elimination reaction mechanisms; and an introduction to stereochemistry.

This course, Organic Chemistry I Laboratory, is the laboratory component of CHEM 222. It gives students taking CHEM 222 the opportunity to carry out experiments which augment the content they have covered in the classroom. It included experiments to demonstrate the chemical reactions of alkanes alkyl halides and alcohols, and molecular geometry.