Examination Attendance

All matriculated students are expected to attend all assigned academic activities for each registered course. If, due to extreme extenuating circumstances, students are unable to be present for an examination, the Charter Foundation Program students must follow the same procedures as found in the Pre-clinical Sciences (see Examination Policy), and approval must be obtained from the Director, Pre-clinical Sciences Program.

The University faculty recognize that exams are an integral part of training in the MD Program and expect all students to comply with all examination policies and attend all exams on their scheduled dates. It is expected that exams will only be missed in exceptional circumstances where illness, catastrophic or other pre-validated reasons preclude a student’s adherence to the exam schedule. An examination is defined as a Quiz, Unified, Midterm or Final.

Students who fail to appear for an examination without a valid reason for doing so will receive a grade of zero (“0”) for the examination. Students who miss an examination due to catastrophic event may be allowed to sit a re-scheduled examination within the term if the course director is notified of the excuse by the Director of Preclinical Sciences.