Before Examination Day

  1. Each student is required to have a laptop for taking computer-based examinations at SGU. Examinees must ensure that their laptops meet the current system requirements, as published by Examination Services at the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA).

NOTE: Some of the latest operating system updates may jeopardize the compatibility with electronic examinations. Examinees are encouraged to seek guidance from Examination Services at OIA, prior to installing updates.

  1. Examinees must ensure that they meet the requirements to access the university network at any time and should confirm access prior to examinations.
  2. Examinees must set the clock on their laptops to the correct local time and time zone (Grenada: Atlantic Standard Time AST = UTC-4; UK: Greenwich Mean Time GMT = UTC, or British Summer Time BST = UTC+1).
  3. For examinations using ExamSoft, examinees are responsible for downloading and registering the required version of Exemplify on their laptop prior to examination day.
  4. Examinees are notified via the electronic course management system of all examination related information, including venue assignments, time sequence of examinations (including the download window, time when students enter the assigned venue, and when the doors are closed), and examination specifications (e.g. number of questions, duration etc.).
  5. For examinations using ExamSoft, examinees are required to download the examination during the allocated time window (see time sequence in the examination notification above).
  6. Examinees who are not eligible to take an examination (e.g. students who have withdrawn from course work, or students on an approved leave of absence) are not permitted to download the examination.
  7. Examinees experiencing technical difficulties are encouraged to visit Examination Services at OIA for assistance prior to the examination day. An examinee who needs a loaner laptop must adhere to the loaner laptop policy provided by OIA.