BUSI 879: L/ship & Mgmt Labs

Class Program

This experiential course brings together all the program learning in a series of business simulations that challenge participants to think through leadership and management challenges and make relevant recommendations and decisions. Participants are asked to reflect on their own leadership and management competence, asking themselves questions such as: How can we best manage ourselves when we make decisions-without perfect information or endless time? How do we maximize the performance of the teams we become part of? What interpersonal skills give us influence? Which interpersonal strengths can propel us to our next promotion? What development areas might impact our leadership and management effectiveness, or prevent our ascension to the executive suite? The Labs are designed for deep self-reflection about what behaviors we choose to use, the consequences of those behaviors, and given choices, how we might be even more productive. Each progressively more difficult Lab session is facilitated by MBA staff, faculty, and experienced SGU alumni, culminating in our final examination the team based Executive Challenge.