BIOE 808: Bioethics Around the World

Class Program
This course orients students to the MSc in Bioethics (MScB) programme and introduces foundational content and skills. Course activities nurture critical thinking about fundamental topics (scientific integrity, the responsible conduct of research, and the bioethics principles and theories) while facilitating student-student and studentfaculty communication that builds relationships that will support student learning throughout the programme. Instructional activities using the online learning platform provide experience using technologies and software essential to the programme and that are unfamiliar to students. During the course students strengthen their communication and critical thinking skills through intensive discussion of the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and the technology, methodology and history of bioethics and research ethics. Students apply methods of bioethical analysis to cases and articulate regional, national, international concerns involving bioethics. The course provides foundational knowledge, skills, relationships, and opportunities to enhance critical thinking; and initiates the programs' spiral curriculum which reinforces and strengthens students' knowledge and skills by distance learning.