BIOE 807: Responsible Conduct of Research and Social Justice in Health

This course examines the responsible and ethical conduct of research and prepares students to participate i n research that protects the rights and welfare of subjects. The course material presents basic concepts, principles, and issues related to the protection of research participants. Students will study independently and also attend workshops on the Institutional Review Board (JRB) procedures and social justice. This course provides an introduction to biomedical research with a focus on the protection of hu ma n subjects. Historic and current information on regulatory and ethical issues important to the conduct of research involving human subjects will be covered . The course will also cover the principles of data protection, focusing on the healthcare-related privacy and information security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Additionally, students will explore themes related to social justice and health equity. The course will examine how population health is influenced by social and economic conditions of environments where people are born, live and work .