ACCT 103: Intro to Financial Accounting

Class Program

A course in accounting basics that is geared towards students without prior exposure to accounting. This course is designed to provide a general introduction to financial accounting as practiced by business entities in the world. Students should be able to understand the language of financial statements by the end of the semester.

ACCT 204: Financial Accounting

Class Program

This course offers an introduction to the basic principles underlying the logic of accounting. Students will undertake an analysis of business transactions and preparation of financial statements. The purpose and function of financial reporting and its impact on various users, such as management, owners, creditors, and other external users, will be examined.

ACCT 302: Accounting Placement

Class Program

Under faculty guidance and supervision, students intern in a professional    workplace. The purpose of this placement is to allow students the opportunity to put into practice the technical knowledge gained in the university setting and to obtain practical accounting experience in the workplace. Students will also develop decision-making skills in a practical setting, as well as contribute to the accounting and management function of the workplace. Students will present a report to their faculty supervisor describing their learning experiences and evaluating their contributions. In addition, students will make oral presentations to fellow students and colleagues in the Business program.

ACCT 305: Intermediate Accounting

Class Program
Credits 3

Days and Times: Tuesday and Thursday 10.00AM to 11.15AM

Classroom Location: Blended

Pre-requisite(s): ACCT 204 Financial Accounting                                                                                                                            

ACCT 306: Taxation

Class Program

This course provides a detailed analysis of tax laws as applied to individuals. Topics include tax determination, gross income, deductions, business expenses, employee expenses, and depreciation. The course will cover significant areas of individual and corporate taxation.

ACCT 351: Managerial Accounting

Class Program

In this course, students acquire in-depth understanding of management accounting within an organization in planning and controlling operations and decision making. Topics covered include cost analysis, systems design, cost behavior, absorption, variable costing methods, and profit planning.

ACCT 401: Cost Accounting

Class Program

This course examines in depth cost analysis and product costing. The emphasis is to understand the information requirements of both internal and external users of the financial statements and how they are prepared.