SAMS 527: Junior Surgery and Anesthesiology Laboratory

Class Program
Credits 2

Students are divided into teams of three (rotating as primary surgeon, assistant surgeon, and anesthetist) and are expected to apply knowledge gained from previous courses (SAMS 520/SAMS 514) and concurrent courses (SAMS 518/LAMS 519 Theriogenology)to the practice of surgery and anesthesia. Students perform canine and feline spay and neuter surgical procedures while maintaining aseptic technique. Additional basic orthopedic procedures are practiced using plastic bone models. Students induce, maintain, and monitor anesthesia and write surgical reports. Preanesthetic and postoperative patient care and pain management/ assessment, as well as medical recordkeeping, using the SOAP format is emphasized and required. Students practice communication skills by presenting historical/physical examination parameters ofthepresurgical patient, blood work, anesthetic protocol, and surgical plan for spay/neuter patients.