PTHB 540: Preparatory Clinical - Extra Mural Studies

Class Program
Credits 6

The Extra Mural Studies Course (EMS) is one of the components of the Global Veterinary Health Track (GVH). It has been designed to fulfill the requirements defined by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) for SGU students matriculated in the DVM degree to be recognized by the RCVS.

The EMS course comprises of 38 weeks of extra mural studies, and aims to equip students with day one professional competencies. It builds on and compliments the intra mural studies undertaken in the 4 year DVM program. EMS is divided up into three components: Preclinical EMS, 12 weeks (12 credits), Preparatory Clinical EMS 6 weeks (6 credits) and Clinical EMS 20 weeks (20 credits). During the EMS placements, students are exposed to a variety of real-life work experiences, such as in animal husbandry, heard health, primary care veterinary medicine practice management, communication skills, self-management, decision making and clinical skills. The EMS course is also designed to assist in the transition from being a student to a practicing professional.