PTHB 532: Clinical Pathology

Class Program
Credits 4

Students gain an understanding of the principles of hematology, cytology, and clinical chemistry in the course. This introductory course is intended to provide the student with content, laboratory and critical thinking skills to:

  • Identify explain pre-analytical and analytical aspects of laboratory analytes.
  • Interpret laboratory data by being able to identify abnormalities using classifications and propose pathologic states, physiologic conditions, or specific diseases that might cause the abnormalities.
  • Describe the pathogenesis of the laboratory data abnormalities (the series of events that lead to the disease or pathologic state and abnormal laboratory data).
  • Identify cells microscopically or digitally or abnormalities in cells that are of diagnostic importance including microscopic features of cells in blood films, cavitary effusions, and aspirates from lesions in tissues (marrow, lymph nodes, & common inflammatory or neoplastic lesions.

Clinical cases are incorporated into the lectures and laboratories to emphasize correct interpretation of laboratory data.

Didactic 3 cr./Laboratory 1 cr.