NURS 201: Microbiology for Nursing

Class Program

This course provides nursing students with an understanding of the role of microorganisms in human disease. 
Specific topics include:
    Introduction to Microbiology
       Microbial diversity
    Control of microbial growth
    Environmental Microbiology
    Introduction to Epidemiology
    Principles of nosocomial infection and control
    Diagnosis of infectious disease
    Pathology of microbial disease
    Principles of human immunology
    Organ-based infectious disease

This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in microbiology specifically relevant to the Nursing profession. The fundamental principals of microbiology, host-parasite interactions, organ based diagnostic microbiology, environmental microbiology and control of infectious diseases will be taught. The course will provide the nursing students with an understanding of the importance of microbiology in their profession.